Alverno Academy was established to provide education and empowerment to individuals that aspire to be successful entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders and professionals.

Alverno Academy welcomes individuals of all backgrounds that are desirous of establishing businesses that are profitable, nonprofits that are sustainable, as well as individuals that seek to grow in their career.

Alverno Academy provides real life application and long term resources to encourage the sustainability, which results in the positive economic development of local communities.  This leads to growth in the global marketplace. Students that participate in our program will be in a position to immediately utilize the education received so that, as they proceed through the program, they are able to work on their business or nonprofit endeavors resulting in the economic growth of the communities in which they work and live.  For those that are on the professional track, the training received empowers them to climb the corporate ladder and successfully reach their personal and professional goals.

Not only will Alverno Academy educate its students, but we will provide continued coaching and consultation to students for the first three (3) years.  Whether a sole proprietor, the establishment of a franchise company or a construction company, or perhaps another business or nonprofit entity, Alverno Academy will track all leaders as they grow and develop as well as their entities financial stability and job creation.

Alverno Academy expects that all businesses will create new jobs, become profitable by the 4th year in business, become a player in the global marketplace and give back to the community not only financially, but also by mentoring other businesses and volunteering in the community.  Additionally, the goal is that nonprofit leaders are in a position to grow their organization to become a self-sustaining entity that seeds back into its local community and beyond.

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